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Smith Walbridge Clinics
Charleston, IL

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Hosted at Eastern Illinois University, Taylor Hall
2121 Fourth Street
Charleston, IL 61920

Smith Walbridge ClinicsOffice
P.O. Box 859
Mahomet, IL 61853

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CAMPER AGES: 13-22 student camps, 18+ adult/director camps

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Range from 4 to 6 days, housing included. Commuter options.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1949, Smith Walbridge became the first camp in the country to offer specialized training for marching band related activities. The tradition, reputation, and success of the SWC organization has earned international respect in the music education world. The elite status of the various clinics and workshops continues to attract high school, middle school, college students, and directors internationally. See our website for detailed descriptions of each clinic we offer.

Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, and more. Student Clinics: Color Guard, Section Leader, Drumline & Front Ensemble, Drum Major, Mace & Signal Baton, Student Conductor, Leadership. Directors Clinics: Marching Band Directors, Drill Design

TOP ILLINOIS SUMMER CAMP: Smith Walbridge Clinics is a Top Summer Camp located in Charleston Illinois offering many fun and enriching camp programs. Smith Walbridge Clinics also offers CIT/LIT and/or Teen Leadership Opportunities, too.

CAMP LOCATION: Clinics and Workshops are help on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL. Visit our website at Our Camp Website Link: to view information or request a brochure.

CAMP FACILITIES: LIVING FACILITIES: Modern air-conditioned dorms available exclusively for our clinics, Dorms located adjacent to fields and teaching areas, Plenty of parking areas around dorm for easy check-in and checkout, Large modern air-conditioned lounge areas for relaxing and visiting INSTRUCTIONAL FACILITIES: Four large drill fields located near the dorm, A large-scale field house backup for inclement weather, Plenty of shaded teaching areas, Large air-conditioned indoor rooms for some classes, and rehearsals Doudna Fine Arts Theater for evening events. PERFORMANCE FIELD: Closing ceremonies and performance will be presented in OBrien stadium.
FREE TIME ACTIVITIES: Rotary water park with pools, water slides, fountains, etc, pool table in dorm, Outdoor cookout (drum major clinic), Bowling night, DJ party, Stunt Night (Talent Show; a long time tradition at SWC), Serenade evening after Stunt Night (Drum Major Clinics only)

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: See complete descriptions of all clinics at Our Camp Website Link:

Drum Major Clinic: Agenda
-Special training for college students
-All conducting classes taught by professional university conductors
-Drum majors who return or attend both sessions do not repeat same classes
-Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of conducting
-Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of showmanship
-Fundamentals of drill design
-Squad drills and competition with signals and commands
-Daily individual evaluations of fundamentals
-Daily individual video tape evaluations
-Leadership and motivational techniques
-Individual help with score study
-Teaching and cleaning drill
-Developing individual styles in conducting and showmanship
-Methods for teaching marching fundamentals
-Elective classes including: multi-drum majoring, salutes, showmanship, choreography, various marching styles
and twirling maces/signal batons

Section Leader Clinic: Agenda
-Thorough marching fundamentals and basic commands
-Individual help with marching style and posture problems
-How to learn drills and read charts
-Basic knowledge of drill design
-The science of marching and the nine concepts of movement
-Measurements and grid systems
-Administration and organization
-These students are gradually merged with the advanced students

Experienced Section Leaders
-Accelerated marching fundamentals review
-Music basics, including tuning, tone production, articulations, reading skills and technique
-Exercises for teaching marching while playing an instrument
-How to teach and clean marching drills
-Basic commands review
-Motivation, attitude and team concepts
-Music rehearsal techniques
-Methods for teaching marching fundamentals of various styles
-Analyzing and resolving posture problems

Drumline & Front Ensemble Clinic: Agenda
-Leadership and motivation concepts
-Drumline marching fundamentals
-Warm-up and technical exercises
-Sectional teamwork
-Rehearsal techniques
-Cadences and visuals
-Visuals and modern body movement

Color Guard Clinic: Agenda
-Optional saber spinning classes
-High teacher to student ratio
-Routines created exclusively for the clinic
-Several music selections from recent marching band publications
-Free video and audio tapes of routines for each school
-An opportunity for students to learn how to create their own routines
-Group and individual evaluations and awards
-Modern body movement technique classes
-Marching fundamentals
-Free instructional manuals
-Optional sponsor/instructor sessions

Leadership Clinic: Agenda
-Group Psychology
-Self Analysis
-Creativity exercises
-Problem solving
-Motivational concepts
-Solving discipline problems
-Teamwork methods
-Training student leaders
-Interactive exercises to solve various problems
-Exercises and interactive activities that have purpose
-Activities that can be used at home to achieve results
-Learning about maturity and responsibility
-New curriculum each year

Mace & Signal Baton Workshop: Agenda
-Spice up performance skills with spectacular tricks, salutes, and twirling routines
-Develop a dynamic visual presentation sure to dazzle the audience and the judges too!
-Break away from common Drum Major staging, making a powerful contribution to the visual elements of the band’s performance
-Expert instructors with extensive performance experience
-Three levels of instruction

Student Conductor Workshop: Agenda
-Group conducting sessions focused on basic conducting techniques
-Individualized instruction throughout the clinic
-Lab Band: Students conduct a live ensemble of other workshop attendees
-Students are recorded & provided with video footage of their conducting experience daily
-Private Conducting Lessons
-Time devoted to study scores & recordings from your own school with our staff
-Opportunities to share & exchange ideas with campers from schools throughout the country
-Input and feedback from our First Class staff

Drill Design Clinic: Agenda
-Beginner level training for Pyware 3D drill design software and drill design methodology
-Advanced level training for more advanced techniques with Pyware 3D
-Individual assistance and an opportunity to work on your own marching band drills
-State-of-the art computer lab
-Exchange of ideas
-Discussions about special individual situations

Marching Band Directors Clinic: Agenda
-Teaching fundamentals for flags and color guard concerns
-Basic teaching techniques for marching percussion
-Rehearsal techniques for marching fundamentals
-Music rehearsal techniques for marching band
-Motivational and leadership concepts
-Basic drill design techniques
-Group psychology
-Discussion groups, exchanging ideas and solutions to problems
-Observation and discussion of video tapes of various marching bands
-Percussion topics for band directors
-Modern body movements and choreography
-Special considerations for large and small bands
-Recruitment, public relations and marketing ideas
-Parade marching
-Question – answer sessions with the experts
-Solutions to typical marching band problems
-How to teach and clean drill
-Identifying and solving posture problems and stylistic inconsistencies

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Leadership program: Our Camp Website Link:


-HALF PRICE for Drum Major Week 2 if attending Week 1.
-HALF PRICE for Leadership, Mace & Signal Baton, and Student Conductor Workshops if attending any other Clinic.
-Band Directors can attend the Drill Design or Marching Band Directors Workshops for free if sending 20 or more students and half price if sending 12-19 students to any combination of clinics or workshops.
-Colorguard sponsors or instructors can attend the Flag and Rifle Clinic free if sending 20 or more students and half price if sending 1-19 students to any combination of clinics or workshops.
-Student discounts of 10% are available for schools sending 12-19 students, and 20% for sending 20 or more students to any combination of sessions. If one student attends more than one session, each additional attendance counts towards the minimum. PAYMENTS MUST BE COLLECTED AND MADE IN BULK AND SET UP WITH THE OFFICE IN ADVANCE.

OTHER CAMP INFO: SW will transport participants to and from Champaign (air, train, bus) terminals for those traveling using public transportation. A SW staff member in a SW shirt and a sign will meet participants at their designated location. SW IS NOT a licensed chauffeur service. Our transportation assistance is intended provide free service to help minimize travel expenses costs. SW is not responsible for delays or cancellations that may occur while traveling. SW will not be responsible for traveler's expenses resulting from cancellations, hotels, meals, or bag fees. SW provides this service for pick up in Champaign only. Those needing this assistance are required to complete and send us the Public Transportation Form. Mail/fax/e-mail it to us not less than 5 days in advance of your arrival.

View our online information packet under "information documents" online


JULY 7-10, 2020:
-Flag/Rifle Clinic- $335 Resident/$255 Commuter.

-Marching Band Clinic- $335 Resident/$255 Commuter.

-Drumline & Front Ensemble Clinic- $335 Resident/$255 Commuter.

-Marching Band Directors Clinic- $385 Resident/$275 Commuter. (CPDU credit, grad credit available)

JULY 10-12, 2020:
-Drill Design Clinic- $295 Resident/$225 Commuter. (CPDU credit, Grad credit available)

-Leadership Clinic- $265 Resident/$205 Commuter.

JULY 12-17, 2020:
-Drum Major Clinic- week 1- $560 Resident/$440 Commuter.

JULY 17-19, 2020:
-Mace and Signal Baton Clinic- $265 Resident/ $205 Commuter.

-Student Conductor Clinic- $265 Resident/ $205 Commuter.

JULY 19-24, 2020:
-Drum Major Clinic- week 2- $560 Resident/$440 Commuter.

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