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As all Camp Directory Advertisers know: The single most important factor in an effective ad strategy is the PAGE POSITION of your Ads and Listings.

The simple rule is: The Higher You Are on the Page, the More People Will See Your Ads and Listings.

Last Year Our Camp Directories Presented Millions of Camp Views, and Our Camp Advertisers were viewed in the Top Listing and Advertising Zones in ALL Our Directories!

TheBestCamps is a system of over 30 general and special interest camp directory sites -- so your camp can target EXACTLY the right camper families, from those looking for a "high-altitude wilderness adventure camp" -- to those seeking a "high-tech robotics & engineering camp" -- and every camp experience in between.

See a complete list of ALL our current general and special interest camp websites below.

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2024 Camp Advertising Systems

This year, camps who currently have a "Basic Listing" and choose to become a Camp Advertiser, will have two distinctly different ways to increase their exposure and advertise across all our camp directory websites:

#1 Prime Position Listings: Moves your full listing into the TOP camp listing zone of ALL your home-state pages, above all basic camp listings, in ALL your special interest directories. The simple rule is, "The higher your listing is on the page, the more visitors will see and read your camp's listing."

#2 Featured Camp AdBoxes and/or Banner Ads: Unlike a Prime Position Listing, an AdBox or Banner Ad may be placed on ANY state page in ANY directory -- even if your camp's listing does not appear on that page. This allows you to recruit from and tightly target specific states in specific special interest directories.

That's why a combination of these 2 Ad Systems is so effective: Becoming a Prime Position Listing puts your camp in the top listing zone in roation with only other prime position camps in you home state(s), AND Featured Camp AdBoxes or Banner Ads allows you a top-of-page advertising presence on ANY state/directory pages you choose.


Since we began measuring in February 2017, our Prime Position Advertisers have seen a combined total of approximately 39,439,679 Impressions of their Prime Position Listings, and our Featured Camp AdBox Advertisers have seen a combined total of approximately 63,448,426 Impressions of their AdBoxes.

AdBox and Prime Position Listing Impressions Just Since February 2017


All prices listed are the Total Cost (not monthly) for the rest of 2024. Any available discounts will be applied to your total AdQuote..

Prime Position Listings range in price from $85 to $350 per calendar year, depending on how many directory pages your camp's listing appears on.

Featured Camp AdBoxes are priced as follows:

Custom Plans: We will be happy to prepare an AdBox plan customized for your specific camp and advertising objectives.

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Crunch Guitar Camp
Tempe, Arizona

Ages: 13 - 16 . Coed Campers. Overnight Camp. Day Camp.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Crunch Guitar Camp is an 'exciting' 4-week summer musical adventure, for experienced electric guitar players, ages 13-16. You must have your own guitar and amp. Camp is taught by professional guitarists. Spaces fill fast, so call today for more info.

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Prime Position Listing Graphic Enhancements

A "Featured Camp Listing" banner header will appear just above your camp's Prime Position listing, and a bright blue star will accent your camp's name. [SEE EXAMPLES BELOW]


Crunch Guitar Camp
Tempe, Arizona

Visit Our Crunch Guitar Camp Website
1234 Guitar Rd
Tempe, Arizona 85253

Special Featured Camp Callout Box

An eye-catching special "Check Out These Featured Camps" box will appear intermittently between general camp listings down the page on your home state(s) pages linking directly to your unique Camp Profile page. (See non-working sample below)

Sample Featured Camp Callout Box

"Today's Featured Camp" Text Boxes

**NEW: "Today's Featured Camp" Banner Text Boxes: Available only to Prime Position, Featured Camp AdBox and Banner Ad Advertisers, these colorful text styled banner ads randomly show participating Featured Camps at the top of most directory pages that are without any current Featured Camp AdBoxes, Banner Ads, or Prime Position Listings.

FOR A LIMITED TIME these attractive additional advertising placements are included with each ad system, and no additional charge.

See a Sample Text Banner Box Below.



Crunch Guitar Camp

Tempe, Arizona | 555-566-1212
Ages: 13 - 16. Coed Campers. Overnight Camp. Day Camp.


Specific Features & Benefits

Featured Camp AdBoxes and Banner Ads include ALL the following features and benefits, on every page you choose.


RANDOM POSITION ORDER ROTATION: All 3 ad systems randomly rotate their position order only with any other ads in their same system. For example, if there are 3 camps with adboxes on a page, their order will rotate randomly with each other, but as a group they will always be above Prime Position and basic camp listings.

TEXT & PLACEMENT CHANGES: All 3 ad systems can be revised at any time. Featured Camp AdBoxes and Banner Ads may also add or change state and directory pages, too.


**NEW: "Today's Featured Camp" Banner Text Boxes: Available only to Prime Position, Featured Camp AdBox and Banner Ad Advertisers, these colorful text styled banner ads randomly show participating Featured Camps at the top of most directory pages that are without any current Featured Camp AdBoxes or Banner Ads. See a Sample Text Banner AdBox below.



Crunch Guitar Camp

Tempe, Arizona | 555-566-1212
Ages: 13 - 16. Coed Campers. Overnight Camp. Day Camp.


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We have over 30 separate Special Interest Camp Directories to choose from, each with state pages for all 50 US states, plus DC and Canada.

There's a current list of our directories below.

'OWN' AN ENTIRE DIRECTORY: Camps who recruit nationally can place their ad on EVERY PAGE in any of our special interest camp directories. Let's say you are a nation-wide technology camp. Your Featured Camp Listing and/or Banner Ad could be at the top of EVERY page in our Best Tech Camps directory.

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Send us an email if you are interested, let us know the directory (or directories) you are interested in, and we'll send you a quote asap -- it's probably much more affordable than you think.

There's a complete list of current Best Camps Directories below. All 50 states plus DC and Canada are included in every special interest camp directory site.

Our Camp Directory Sites

The Following Camp Directory Sites Are Now Open for Ads, Including:

Our Special Interest "Best Camp" Directory Sites


  • Best Overnight Camps
  • Best Resident Camps
  • Best Sleepaway Camps
  • Best Special Needs Camps
  • Best Boys Camps
  • Best Girls Camps
  • Best Coed Camps
  • Best Family Camps


  • Best Sports Camps
  • Best Baseball Camps
  • Best Basketball Camps
  • Best Gymnastics Camps
  • Best Soccer Camps
  • Best Tennis Camps
  • Best Golf Camps
  • Best Swim Camps
  • Best Aquatics Camps
  • Best Sailing Camps
  • Best Volleyball Camps
  • Best Cheer Camps


  • Best Leadership Camps
  • Best Christian Camps


  • Best Performing Arts Camps
  • Best Band Camps
  • Best Art Camps
  • Best Dance Camps
  • Best Music Camps
  • Best Theater Camps


  • Best Academic Camps
  • Best Tech Camps
  • Best Science Camps
  • Best Computer Camps


  • Best Equestrian Camps
  • Best Horse Camps


  • Best Adventure Camps
  • Best Wilderness Camps


  • Best Travel Camps


  • Best Weight Loss Camps


  • Best Summer Camp Jobs

Cool ad features

You can specify exactly what page(s) you want your Featured Camp AdBoxes or Banner Ad(s) placed on when you make your reservation/order.

If you want to place your ad on MANY pages, send us an email with the approximate number of pages, and we'll send you a quote asap.

You can CHANGE the text in your Featured Camp Listing ANY TIME, or REPLACE or MOVE your Banner Ad up to 5 times per calendar year.

PAYMENT: You can pay online through our easy and secure PayPal portal -- you do not need a PayPal account, you can pay with any major credit or debit card.

YOU CAN RESERVE A SPOT NOW. You can reserve an ad space BEFORE your ad is ready to post. In other words, as soon as you submit your order and payment, we will reserve your spot for that page. You can then submit your finished ad to us as soon as it is ready.

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Special Interest Camp Directories


State-by-State Directories of
ALL Camps (

Best Academic Camps Best Overnight Camps vertical line Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Best Adventure Camps Best Perf. Arts Camps Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Best Art Camps Best Science Camps Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Best Band Camps Best Sleepaway Camps Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Best Baseball Camps Best Soccer Camps Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Best Basketball Camps Best Spec'l Needs Camps Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
Best Boys Camps Best Sports Camps New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Best Cheer Camps Best Swim Camps Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
Best Christian Camps Best Tech Camps South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Best Coed Camps Best Tennis Camps Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Best Computer Camps Best Theater Camps Washington DC CANADA      
Best Dance Camps Best Travel Camps            
Best Family Camps Best WeightLoss Camps            
Best Girls Camps Best Wilderness Camps            
Best Golf Camps New Directories ⇓            
Best Gymnastics Camps Best Aquatics Camps          
Best Horse Camps Best Equestrian Camps            
Best Leadership Camps Best Resident Camps            
Best Music Camps Best Sailing Camps            
  Best Volleyball Camps            


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