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2016 Camp Advertising Info (2017 Info Coming in Late October!)

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Our Camp Directories Present Hundreds of Thousands of Camp Views Each Week!

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2016 Ad Rates & Info
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If you have a quick question regarding our 2016 Ad Systems, just click the QUESTION button above. Or, request a QUICK QUOTE and we will send you complete 2016 ad rate info.

HIGHLY TARGETED CAMP ADS & LISTINGS: Because we offer over 30 unique and highly targeted Special Interest Camp Directories, you can deliver your camp ad(s) to the campers and parents MOST INTERESTED in your camp's program(s).

OVER 30 SPECIAL INTEREST DIRECTORY WEBSITES: Our independent Special Interest Camp Directory sites run the gamut from Overnight Camps to Tech Camps to Performing Arts Camps to Sports Camps.

BIG BANNER ADS & ATTRACTIVE FEATURED CAMP ADBOXES: Our banner display ads are BIG, and the eye-catching graphic design of our Featured Camp AdBoxes stand out on every page.

Your Featured Camp AdBoxes & Banner Ads can reach the EXACT campers and parents you are looking for!


2016 Camp Advertising Systems


We call our ad choices "Systems" because they each activate other enhanced graphics & listing features everywhere your camp is listed in our directories.

This year we will offer 3 distinct types of affordable advertising choices for camps that want to become Featured Camps:

Prime Position Listings: Moves your full camp listing into the TOP listing zone on ALL of your directory pages, ABOVE all the basic/free camp listings. (See Complete Description Below)

Featured Camp AdBoxes: These are colorful AdBoxes with all your contact into and a Brief Description of your camp. AdBoxes are located ABOVE all camp listings on any State and Directory Page(s) you choose.(See Complete Description & Samples Below)

Featured Camp Banner Ads: These are BIG display ads located ABOVE all the Google ads in the right column, and can be placed on any State and Directory page(s) you choose. (See Complete Description & Samples Below)

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As always, we will also offer camps who cannot afford to advertise a Free listing with limited features.


#1 "Prime Position" Featured Camp Listings

A Prime Position Listing moves your Full Camp Listing into the Top Listing Display Zone of EVERY PAGE your camp is shown, in any of our 30+ camp directories, ABOVE all the Basic/Free Camp listings. This means visitors will find your camp in the first group at the TOP of the camp listings area on ALL your directory pages.

LOCATION: Top Listing Zone above all Basic/Free camp listings on ALL your directory pages. (You can see how many directory pages your listing appears on in the top Listing Summary Area of the Camp Admin page.)


SPECIAL FEATURED CAMP BANNER: Prime Position Featured Camps also receive a colorful header banner just above their camp listing. (See Sample Above)

AVAILABILITY: Available now to ALL camps.

ROTATION: Yes, random rotation with other Prime Position Listings only. Your listing appears in the top listing zone EVERY TIME the page is viewed.

GRAPHICS & DESIGN: Special Featured Camp BIG Star by your camp name, and your FULL camp listing will be presented with no abbreviation.

LINKING: Yes. Links to your Camp Website AND your complete Camp Profile page.

PRICING: Current prices range from $75 to $295 total (depending on how many pages your listing appears on in all 30+ of our directories). Like all our ad systems, Listings run for the entire calendar year.

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#2 Featured Camp AdBoxes

Featured Camp AdBoxes are colorful graphic display boxes that appear ABOVE all the listings (including any Prime Position Listings) ON ANY PAGE YOU CHOOSE IN ANY DIRECTORY.

For instance, if you are an Overnight Camp you might want to recruit campers from MANY different states, and across several different special interests. Your Featured Camp AdBox gives you a powerful, graphic "Top of Page" presence on ANY state/directory page you choose.

SEE SAMPLE: Sample Demo Featured Camp AdBox
(NOTE: Outbound links to website disabled for demo)



Crunch Guitar Camp
Locations: Tempe, AZ.

Ages: 13 - 16 . Coed Campers. Overnight Camp. Day Camp.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Crunch Guitar Camp is an exciting 4-week summer musical adventure, for experienced electric guitar players, ages 13-16. You must have your own guitar and amp. Camp is taught by professional guitarists. Spaces fill fast, so call today for more info.

View this Featured Camp's Full Profile


AVAILABILITY: Available now to all camps.

LOCATION: Just below the green seasonal message boxes and ABOVE all listings, including Prime Listings.

ROTATION: Yes, random rotation with other Featured Camp AdBoxes only. Your AdBox appears EVERY TIME the page is loaded.

DESIGN: Special "Featured Camp" graphic design, with complete camp contact info, brief description, and links.

LINKING: Yes. Links to your Camp Website AND your complete Camp Profile page.


PRICING: Current prices start at only $195 total, and adBoxes run for the entire calendar year.

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#3 Featured Camp Banner Ads

The Best Camps .com | Affordable Advertising for Summer Camps

If you are looking for an absolute Top of Page presence, with the color, graphics and branding power of your unique camp ad, then a Featured Camp Banner Ad is the right choice for your camp. Camp Banner Ads appear in the Top Right Column ABOVE all Google ads, FC AdBoxes, and listings.

SEE SAMPLE: To the Right and via 'See Our Ad' button below.

AVAILABILITY: Now availlable to ALL camps.

POSITION: All camp Banner Ads appear in the right column ABOVE any other banner or display advertising, such as Google ads. This placement also puts them above any FC Adboxes, and Prime Position Listings, too.

ROTATION: Yes, with other Featured Camp Banner Ads only, and always above any right column Google Ads.


FORMAT/SIZE: Ads are BIG, Vertical format, 160px wide by 600px tall




button to see the adThe Best Camps .com | Test Camp Ad Number 2



PRICING: Current prices start at only $195 total, and ads run for the entire calendar year.

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Complete Comparison Tables of all listing & advertising plans with specific features follows below.

Located ABOVE All Prime & Free Listings


Featured I
(4 Pages)

Featured II
(20 Pages)
Featured III
(60 Pages)
Day Camps & Small Overnight Camps Multi-State Camps Overnight Camps Who Recruit Nationally Any Camp
Featured Camp AdBox Description Graphic Box: All contact info, brief description, link to camp profile page Graphic Box: All contact info, brief description, link to camp profile page Graphic Box: All contact info, brief description, link to camp profile page Graphic Box: All contact info, brief description, link to camp profile page
Page Location(s) ABOVE All Camp Listings, including Prime Listings ABOVE All Camp Listings, including Prime Listings ABOVE All Camp Listings, including Prime Listings ABOVE All Camp Listings, including Prime Listings
Seen Every Page Load
Master Directory
Special Interest Directories 3 3 4 1 - 35
State Page(s) per Directory 1 5 12 1 - 52
Total Pages 4 20 60 1 - 1500
Total Cost per Year






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*Add'l States (each) $25 $25 $25 -
*Add'l Directories
$75 $75 $75 -


  Prime Listing Free/Basic Listing
Listing Size Full Limited
Directories & State Page(s) All Home State Page(s) in Master & Special Interest Directories All Home State Page(s) in Master & Special Interest Directories
Page Position Above ALL Free/Basic Camp Listings in Random Roatation with any other Prime Listing Camps only. Below Prime Listings in Alphabetical or Random Order
Starred Camp Name No
Camp Profile Page Limited
Job Listings Unlimited Limited
Total Cost per Calendar Year Cost ranges from $75 - $295 based on total number of directory pages your listing appears on.

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  All Featured Camp Plans Prime Listings Basic/Free
Vertical Display Ad (160x600)
1st Ad @ $195
2+ @ $75ea
1st Ad @ $195
2+ @ $75ea
Pages Offered ANY state page in ANY directory ANY state page in ANY directory N/A
Page Position Top Zone of Right Column Above ALL Google ads Top Zone of Right Column Above ALL Google ads N/A
Rotation -
Link to Camp Website -
See Our Ad Buttons -
Ad on Camp Profile Page -
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We have over 30 separate Special Interest Camp Directories to choose from, each with state pages for all 50 US states, plus DC and Canada.

There's a current list of our directories below.

'OWN' AN ENTIRE DIRECTORY: Camps who recruit nationally can place their ad on EVERY PAGE in any of our special interest camp directories. Let's say you are a nation-wide technology camp. Your Featured Camp Listing and/or Banner Ad could be at the top of EVERY page in our Best Tech Camps directory.

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Send us an email if you are interested, let us know the directory (or directories) you are interested in, and we'll send you a quote asap -- it's probably much more affordable than you think.

There's a complete list of current Best Camps Directories below. All 50 states plus DC and Canada are included in every special interest camp directory.

The Following Special Interest Camp Directory Sites
Are Now Open for Ads, Including:

Our Special Interest "Best Camp" Directories


  • Best Overnight Camps
  • Best Resident Camps
  • Best Sleepaway Camps
  • Best Special Needs Camps
  • Best Boys Camps
  • Best Girls Camps
  • Best Coed Camps
  • Best Family Camps


  • Best Sports Camps
  • Best Baseball Camps
  • Best Basketball Camps
  • Best Gymnastics Camps
  • Best Soccer Camps
  • Best Tennis Camps
  • Best Golf Camps
  • Best Swim Camps
  • Best Aquatics Camps
  • Best Sailing Camps
  • Best Volleyball Camps
  • Best Cheer Camps


  • Best Leadership Camps
  • Best Christian Camps


  • Best Performing Arts Camps
  • Best Band Camps
  • Best Art Camps
  • Best Dance Camps
  • Best Music Camps
  • Best Theater Camps


  • Best Academic Camps
  • Best Tech Camps
  • Best Science Camps
  • Best Computer Camps


  • Best Equestrian Camps
  • Best Horse Camps


  • Best Adventure Camps
  • Best Wilderness Camps


  • Best Travel Camps


  • Best Weight Loss Camps


  • Best Summer Camp Jobs

Cool ad features

You can specify exactly what page(s) you want your Featured Camp Listings or Banner Ad(s) placed on when you make your reservation/order.

If you want to place your ad on MANY pages, send us an email with the approximate number of pages, and we'll send you a quote asap.

You can CHANGE the text in your Featured Camp Listing ANY TIME, or REPLACE or MOVE your Banner Ad up to 5 times per calendar year.

PAYMENT: You can pay online through our easy and secure PayPal portal -- you do not need a PayPal account, you can pay with any major credit or debit card.

YOU CAN RESERVE A SPOT NOW. You can reserve an ad space BEFORE your ad is ready to post. In other words, as soon as you submit your order and payment, we will reserve your spot for that page. You can then submit your finished ad to us as soon as it is ready.

Need help creating your ad?

If you don't have time or just need help creating your master ad, we have a creative team that will do your ad for you for an additional $45. You just need to provide the creative materials, ie. ad text, camp logo, photo, etc. OR we can collect the content from your website, if you prefer.

For the ads we create, we will email you the ad(s) for approval before we post them. You will own the ad once it is done, so you can use it anywhere you'd like. Make sure you 'own' any images you use, and have the 'rights' to use anyone's pic.

GOT A QUICK QUESTION? Check the FAQs below, or CLICK HERE to send us an email.

READY TO RESERVE YOUR AD? Click the big blue button below -- you DO NOT need to have your finished ad ready to upload now -- we will send you a link and all the upload info.

If you need us to create your ad, there is a space to order that on the form, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we change our Banner Ad or Featured Camp Listing during the season?

Can we advertise more than one camp in the same Banner Ad?
Sure. But, remember the Directories are organized by State, and there can be only one linked web address when someone clicks.

What happens if all available slots for camp ads have been filled?
Once the ad slots for a page have been filled, we will form a waiting list in the order requests are received.

What about advertising on the Home, Directory, and Campguide pages?
We're thinking about releasing those pages for camp ads later in the season -- current advertisers will have first crack at booking those pages when/if they become available.

Ad Specifications


Image File Formats: we can pretty much handle anything: jpg, png, gif or tif would be the best. RGB (of course). If needed, we wil optimize image files for fast loading and web viewing.

Static content only (no Flash animations). Some 2 cell animated gifs will be accepted for an additional charge.

Make sure you 'own' everything in the ad, including: images, logos, and photos, and have the rights to use any pix of people.

Finished Ad Sizes: Vertical Ads should be finalized at 160 pixels wide, by 600 pixels tall.

Uploading your ad files is easy. You can upload them when you reserve your space, or anytime after. If you choose to upload them later, you can do so from the Camp Admin Area.

QUESTIONS? Click Here, or the button below to send us an email.

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Special Interest Camp Directories


State-by-State Directories of
ALL Camps (

Best Academic Camps Best Overnight Camps vertical line Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Best Adventure Camps Best Perf. Arts Camps Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Best Art Camps Best Science Camps Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Best Band Camps Best Sleepaway Camps Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Best Baseball Camps Best Soccer Camps Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Best Basketball Camps Best Spec'l Needs Camps Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
Best Boys Camps Best Sports Camps New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Best Cheer Camps Best Swim Camps Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
Best Christian Camps Best Tech Camps South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Best Coed Camps Best Tennis Camps Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Best Computer Camps Best Theater Camps Washington DC CANADA      
Best Dance Camps Best Travel Camps            
Best Family Camps Best WeightLoss Camps            
Best Girls Camps Best Wilderness Camps            
Best Golf Camps New Directories ⇓            
Best Gymnastics Camps Best Aquatics Camps          
Best Horse Camps Best Equestrian Camps            
Best Leadership Camps Best Resident Camps            
Best Music Camps Best Sailing Camps            
  Best Volleyball Camps            


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